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Fishy Mishi by madichams Fishy Mishi :iconmadichams:madichams 21 2 [C] Kyiwtie by madichams [C] Kyiwtie :iconmadichams:madichams 22 2 [CHA] Yum by madichams
Mature content
[CHA] Yum :iconmadichams:madichams 18 0
[CHA] Story of the improvised bug-based scare by madichams [CHA] Story of the improvised bug-based scare :iconmadichams:madichams 38 0 [C] Galactic freckles by madichams [C] Galactic freckles :iconmadichams:madichams 23 6 Pat pat by madichams Pat pat :iconmadichams:madichams 35 2 [C] Space sheriffs by madichams [C] Space sheriffs :iconmadichams:madichams 43 10 Crybaby by madichams Crybaby :iconmadichams:madichams 54 7 [CHA] A timid mouse by madichams [CHA] A timid mouse :iconmadichams:madichams 29 9 176 by madichams 176 :iconmadichams:madichams 30 5 A vicious Shark by madichams A vicious Shark :iconmadichams:madichams 20 0 [C] Faceless accountant by madichams [C] Faceless accountant :iconmadichams:madichams 15 1 His tiny majesty by madichams His tiny majesty :iconmadichams:madichams 27 0 [CHA] Happy mouse by madichams [CHA] Happy mouse :iconmadichams:madichams 37 4 [C] Mieno by madichams [C] Mieno :iconmadichams:madichams 38 5 [CHA] Dinner is served by madichams [CHA] Dinner is served :iconmadichams:madichams 32 2


madichams's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
A wanna-be writer that draws a lot of cute stuff

Requests are forever closed
Ask me trough notes about art trades and collabs
Commissions are open


Fishy Mishi

I drew this for mermay and forgot to upload it opshaha
I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out but it's pretty so--
Mishi's really pleasant to draw no matter what
everyone from beta should've drawn our babs as beta fish it would've been funny asdfhg

Commissions are open \ouo/
[C] Kyiwtie
Commission for :iconkyiwtieart:
Thank you for being patient with me and I hope you like it :star:

I struggled with finding a good pose and lightsourse without making the picture look too somber, and then I remembered I hadn't done an underlight(?) in a loooong time, so here we are
The lineart was surprisngly challanging but it was really fun playing around with the highlights !

Commissions are open \owo/
[CHA] Yum

Hi I love Andy can I hug
I haven't had the chance to interact with him too much but he seems great haha
This was inspired by something in the character qna that I didn't screencap so I don't remember orz
I'm pretty sure it was from before we were officially enrolled into the group so it's too far gone now but I really wanted to finish this :star:
I do remember it involved a closet specifically, but while I was sketching I got closet and wardrobe mixed up and had to change the sketch last minute hahaha
he got his hands on a danganronpa character lol
I'm not entirely sure if this deserves a mature rating since the blood isn't even red, but just to be sure I'm putting one

Character belongs to :iconsinshifu:
A note: I'll be moving to Britain soon, so I've adjusted my commission prices. I'll also be putting up some ych later today or tomorrow cause I gotta buy plane tickets
Note or email me at to order 

Note/email me with

  • A ref to your character - please have colourful fullbody refs, entirely written descriptions aren't accepted - Don't tell me I can redesign the character or do whatever I want for their clothes/hair/etc
    I accept pictures of real clothes and hairstyles as refs
  • The character's name, age and their personality (personality not their life history, please keep this up to 5 sentances)
  • The type of commission you want (lineless fullbody, lined headshot, etc)
  • Colouring style
  • Background type, if any
  • Any details about them you want me to keep in mind while drawing, pose prefrences or if you want a certain object/symbol/whatever with them, anything you can think of
  • Payment method (points or paypal+paypal e-mail if you're using that)
your note/email doesn't need to be structured like I've shown, but all the information should be in it
it's fine if your character doesn't have a name or age yet, but I won't draw anything suggestive with characters that are under 18 or don't have an age

What I will draw:
  • original characters
  • fanart
  • couples (any gender/pairing, ocxcanon included)
  • furries/animals/ponies/other non-human creatures
  • gore
  • ecchi
  • almost anything

What I won't draw:
  • sex
  • fetish art
  • realistic portraits
  • things that make me uncomfortable
Please read the whole journal


Standart colouring

[C] Let me tell you why you're wrong by madichams   [YCH] Peche by madichams  [C] Space sheriffs by madichams  Crybaby by madichams
chibis may vary

Headshot $10 / 1000:points:
Halfbody $20 / 2000:points:
Fullbody $27 / 2700:points:
Chibi $22 / 2200:points:

Fancy colouring

[C] Ria by madichams [C] Lucoa by madichams   [C] Yuna by madichams[C] Shinju by madichams
chibis may vary

Headshot $13 / 1300:points:
Halfbody $24 / 2400:points:
Fullbody $34 / 3400:points:
Chibi $27 / 2700:points:

Dramatic colouring

[C] Ria by madichams  [YCH] Moon Child by madichams  [YCH] Cocktail by madichams  [YCH] Brenda by madichams

these drawings never have a transparent background
chibis may vary

Headshot $13 / 1300:points:
Halfbody $24 / 2400:points:
Fullbody $34 / 3400:points:
Chibi $27 / 2700:points:


Little smile by madichams  Zlato by madichams  Nasch by madichams
very experimental, only headshots available, will always have a background

Headshot $17 / 1700:points:

Coloured sketch

Yuri x2 by madichams Sheepy by madichams   Angel by madichams<-- Style 1
Happy birthday Lucky boy by madichams  Happy birthday Nia-chan ! by madichams Good morning~ by madichams [C] Tatum by madichams<-- Style 2

Headshot $10 / 1000:points:
Halfbody $16 / 1600:points:
Fullbody $23 / 2300:points:
Chibi $20 / 2000:points:


+$5 / 500:points: for characters with very complex designes
ex [C] Ria


[C] Kikyo by madichams  Kuchi doodle by madichams [C] Your friendly neighborhood yandere by madichams
more examples to come

Headshot $10 / 1000:points:
Halfbody $16 / 1600:points:
Fullbody $23 / 2300:points:
Chibi $20 / 2000:points:


[C] Faceless accountant by madichams  The only proper parent figures Sofi has by madichams 
more examples to come

Headshot $10 / 1000:points:
Halfbody $20 / 2000:points:
Fullbody $30 / 3000:points:
Chibi $25 / 2500:points:


Simple background
Transparent or with a gradient, random shapes, sky with clouds, etc - free 

More than friends by madichams  [AT] Toothy Fairy by madichams   Traditional Haou by madichams

Kind of complicated background
Rather simple, possibly blurred, sets a mood or clarrifies a setting but doesn't interact with the characters at all
$10 / 1000:points:
[AT] Witch hunt by madichams   [YCH] Tiny shelter by madichams  [C] Full Moon by madichams

Full background
Very detailed, interacts with the character
$15 / 1500:points:
[C] Rainy day by madichams   [C] Radio Show by madichams

I can also make vector images, logos and posters, if anyone's interested in that ouo


Terms of service:

By ordering a commission you're agreeing to these terms

I requre the payment before starting work on the commission
I use either paypal invoices or the commission widget on my page to accept payment
Refunds are available only if I haven't started work on the commission

Small stuffed animals and objects like a purce or a book do not count as additional characters, and thus are free.
Stuffed animals the size of the character or with a lot of detail, animals and creatures like pokemon do count as additional characters and will be charged

Every additioonal character will increase the commission price with half of the original price

If the refrence you give me is unclear or has mistakes that carry over to the commission, I will not fix it afterwords
Please specify if something in the refrence is incorrect or you want done differently
I will edit a finished commission only if the mistake is entirely mine

I can provide sketches of the commission for approval upon request
If you have approved a sketch and still dislike/find something missing in the final piece I will not change it
I will not show more than the sketch before the commission is done

The commission may be of your character(s) but the drawing itself is my property and you cannot claim otherwise. You cannot remove my signature or edit the piece without my premmission. You can repost it on other sites (if I haven't posted it myself there) but you must credit me for it and link back to my page
I keep the right to the artwork and can use it to promote myself, in my portfolio or for commission examples

My commissions are for personal use only, no commercial use

I keep my right to refuse a request for one reason or another

That is all uwu


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Nyamipon Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey hey <33
I just wanted to ask if it´d be alright if I used a similar pose for a drawing? ;w;

[CLOSED YCH] Lazying around | auction by madichams
madichams Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Ah I can't claim to own a pose, so as long as it's not traced or an exact copy, you're free to do whatever you like owo/
Nyamipon Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah alright >w< I'll still credit you for the pose ;w; <3
madichams Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Alrighty, thank you :heart:
Eiocia Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018
o wow i think the last time i visited ur gallery was maybe last autumn-ish- youve improved a lot !! :^OOO good on ya
also it seems like it was yur bday recently so happy belated bday !!! ;^O
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